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500T - Ring-O-Matic

The 500T pit cleaner weighs in at 7,100 lbs fully loaded. This means it can be safely and legally pulled by a full-sized pick-up or a larger SUV. Check your vehicle's towing specifications to see if it is rated to safely handle this conveniently sized unit.

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500T Color Negative Film 5218 / 7218, the measured granularity is exceptionally low. SHARPNESS The perceived sharpness of any film depends on various components of the motion picture production system. Camera and projector lenses, film print-ers,and other factors play a role, but the specific sharpness of a film can be measured and charted in the Modulation Transfer Curve. COLOR BALANCE This ...

B-500 Transportable Pipe Beveller | RIDGID

The B-500 Transportable Pipe Beveller produces high quality bevels in 45 seconds* without flames or sparks. The compact design quickly mounts to pipe 4" and up with a maximum wall thickness of 1/2", and creates consistent bevels in a single pass.


The influences of weather and climate on human health are sig-nificant and varied. Exposure to health hazards related to climate change affects different people and different communities to

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grain and superior shadow detail, Expression 500T Film offers a subdued range of contrast and color saturation for smooth skin tones. Giving you more flexibility in post and cleaner images from under- to over-exposure. The VISION2 Film family is the first line of products created specifically for both film and digital postpro- duction. What's more, all VISION2 Films provide excellent tone ...